Our Phone Sex Girls: What makes this adult phone site different is that the focus is on the FETISH! The phone girls affiliated with this phone sex site have a wide range of PERSONAL fetishes and experiences, that is what we offer you, REAL XXX Graphic Adult Chat! Currently there are 15 girls ranging from Late Teen (19 yr old college girls), Kinky Professionals to 40+ Mature Mom's who ALL have their own twisted nasty phone fantasies they love sharing with strangers. Currently we are getting about 8 girls a week submitting applications. We hire about 1 girl per month to ensure that only the kinkiest, horniest and most extreme girls are available to fuck!

Info About Our Phone Sex Site: This site was built by the girls, each girl submitting her favorite XXX fantasy. They included nasty samples and short adult stories about their dirty secrets they enjoy during phone sex. When you read the story, feel confident that there is a girl at the site who KNOWS and SHARES your twisted sex dream. I picked some of the most interesting and potentially graphic taboo fetishes, many were discarded due to lack of time. If there is a phone sex topic that is NOT listed, dont worry, chances are one of the girls is more than willing to have that sexy chat with you to get you off. In phone sex there are NO LIMITS!!

Disclaimer: All callers seeking live taboo phone sex and extreme adult chat need to be OVER 18. This site is for entertainment purposes only! Graphic subject matter is strictly fantasy. Fetishphonegirls.com nor its contractors support REAL life matters that are illegal, cause harm or could endanger the well being of others. You MUST be 18 and have a valid credit card. This is NOT A FREE SERVICE.

Billing Questions: Credit Cards are billed discretely to keep your phone sex habit secret.
How much is the service? $2.25 a min in flat rates. Phone Sex special is ALWAYS 30 mins for $60.
How does it work? When you are ready to order, you call the toll free 800 line. One of our Phone Sex Operators will take your CC info, wait for approval (about 15 seconds) You will be connected with one of the girls who is into your fantasy.
Methods of payment: Phone sex payments can be made with Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. to collections. We do NOT bill to your phone and we no longer accept checks.
What if I go over my time? If you go over your time by a minute or two dont worry. However, if you go over by additional time the girl will ask you if you wish to continue. At this point, you tell her how much time you wish to extend the call. The bill is totally in YOUR CONTROL.

Can I request a specific girl? Yes you can. However, if that girl is NOT available and someone else can do your call, if you refuse the call, you will be charged $5 fee the next time you call to be connected to that specific girl.
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